betway旗舰版 is a licensed U.S. customs brokerage firm.

Our on-line interactive brokerage system links up directly with government customs service agencies, enabling Phoenix to process entries quickly, efficiently, and accurately. With our broad base of knowledge in customs regulations and our access to critical client shipment information, Phoenix is in a position to provide cost savings and service improvement opportunities to our clients. Among the many services our customs brokerage departments provide are:

  • Import Consultancy

  • Electronic Entry Processing

  • Duty Drawback

  • Tariff Classification Services

  • Customer Defined Reports

  • Warehouse Withdrawal Entries Entries

  • Temporary-Duty Free Entries

  • Foreign Trade Show Entries

  • Food and Drug Administration Entries

To augment our U.S. customs brokerage services, we can offer similar services in most major foreign ports of entry through our comprehensive network of offices and agents.

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