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Ferries to Ireland offer one of the most enjoyable and cost effective ways to travel to this beautiful country - whether for a holiday or for business. Here at Ferries to Ireland you can compare all Irish ferry routes, find the best deals and book tickets online through our partner, A Ferry / Leisure Direction, one of the biggest travel and ferry agents in UK.

Ferries to Dublin / Dun Laoghaire

Compare all ferries to Dublin and Dun Laoghaire:

  • Holyhead to Dublin / Dun Laoghaire
  • Liverpool to Dublin
  • Liverpool Birkenhead to Dublin

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Ferries to Dublin

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Ferries to South of Ireland (Rosslare / Cork)

Compare all Ferry crossings to south of Ireland:

  • Swansea to Cork
  • Pembroke to Rosslare
  • Fishguard to Rosslare

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Ferries to South Ireland

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Taking the ferry to Ireland

Ferries to Ireland offer a great variety of travel options. Ireland has so much to offer, it really makes sense to take the car. Driving along those beautiful, green country lanes is a real pleasure, and can be a wonderful a part of the Ireland holiday experience. A driving tour to Ireland is one of the greatest holidays you could wish for - whether it's with all the family, a bunch of friends, or just a romantic trip for two. A great benefit for UK drivers is that driving is on the left in Ireland, and the road network is very easy to navigate.

Of course, ferries to Ireland also offer travel for foot passengers, cyclists, motorbikes, vans and caravans too. So forget France and Spain this year, and go for somewhere rich in history, culture and natural beauty, with all the charm and friendly locals you could wish for. Ferries to Ireland are easy, quick and convenient, and travel from a range of ports in England and Wales.

Ferries to Ireland - Ports

Ferries to Ireland go from a variety of ports. For many, the most popular port is Holyhead in Anglesey, Wales. Ferries to Ireland also go from Pembroke and Fishguard in south Wales. From England, ferries to Ireland go from Liverpool and Liverpool Birkenhead, as well as Fleetwood (to Larne), and from Roscoff, Cherbourg and Le Havre in France. Ferries to Ireland also depart from the Isle of Man, and from Scotland ferries depart from Troon, Cairnryan and Stranraer for Northern Ireland.

The main ferry ports in Ireland include Cork, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire (south of Dublin) and Rosslare. In Northern Ireland, the main ferry ports are Belfast and Larne.

Ferries to Ireland - Routes

The ferry routes to Ireland from England or Wales are:

Ferries to Ireland - Ferry Operators

There are several ferry operators offering routes to Ireland from UK, including many of the bigger names in ferry travel, such as P&O Irish Sea, Stena Line, Irish Ferries Ferries and Norfolkline Irish Sea. These ferry operators run ferries to Ireland from Liverpool, Holyhead, Pembroke and Fishguard. A newer ferry route to Ireland is now being offered by Fastnet Line Ferries, running from Swansea to Cork in the south of Ireland.

Convenient and Quick - Ferries to Ireland

Taking a ferry to Ireland is a relaxing and pleasurable experience, with many of the ferries well equipped with all sorts of lounges, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to make your crossing an enjoyable one. The most popular ferries to Ireland travel from Holyhead to Dublin or Dun Laoghaire, just south of Dublin. These routes are operated by Stena Line and Irish Ferries. There offer 2 sailings each per day between Holyhead and Dublin, with an average sailing time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Why take the Ferry to Ireland?

More and more people are travelling by ferry these days. It's the perfect way to travel as part of a family or group, especially if you want to take the car, caravan, camper van or motorbike. If you have lots of luggage - perhaps a family load of suitcases, or sporting equipment such as golf clubs or fishing rods, or even pets! - then taking a ferry makes life a whole lot easier compared to flying, where luggage limits can be a real bind. Plus there's a lot more freedom and enjoyment when travelling by ferry. Onboard, the ferries to Ireland are extremely comfortable and well equipped, and offer endless opportunities to relax and unwind. It couldn't be more different to travelling by budget airline! The great advantage to travelling by ferry with your car is that you are in control of your journey. You can drive to the port, drive onto the boat, drive off, and it's onwards to your destination, stopping off whenever and wherever you choose along the way. And when you arrive in Ireland, a car will provide you with so much more freedom than having to rely on a travel operator, public transport or taxis. If the self-drive option sounds good, taking the ferry to Ireland is the right way for you and your family to travel. For a full rundown of all the ferry crossings to Ireland, see our partner site at ferrycrossings.org.uk, where you can compare crossings and find sailing times, timetables, information on UK and Irish ports, plus plenty of travel advice and destination guides.

Ferries to Ireland - Prices and Fares

The other great advantage of ferry holidays rather than flying is the difference in costs. Sure, you can get many a cheap deal from the no frills airline, but there are usually hidden costs, in particular tax and luggage! By sharing a car and ferry fare, you can pretty much take all the luggage (and passengers) you can legally fit in. Ferry travel often works out cheaper, especially if there's a few of you making the trip.

Ferries to Ireland are comfortable and easy, and journey times are as little as 3 hours to Dublin. So you can quite happily take the ferry for long weekend, as well as a fuller holiday. So when you're thinking of your next short trip or holiday, think of taking one of the wonderful ferries to Ireland.

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